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What is the marketing idea in the era of Industry 4.0?

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OFweek Gongkong News: April 18th: Recently, there is a saying in the circle of friends: your opponent is reading, your enemy is sharpening, your girlfriend is losing weight, and the next door is training waist!
It's really scary to think carefully! The rapidly changing world economy forces us to continuously learn, summarize and improve, otherwise we will soon be surpassed by learners! The leapfrog development in the new era of global economy and technology will eliminate companies that are unwilling to change, do not know how to change, or change slowly.
When the whole world is focusing almost on the upgrading of Industry 4.0, Industry 4.0 has been swarming around the global economy, and technology is being continuously innovated, industries are being continuously subdivided, industry chains are being continuously deconstructed, and the market and environment With high-speed changes every day, companies are facing the best and worst times!
For enterprises, this is a critical leap. If there is a lack of systematic thinking, it will inevitably lead to problems such as wrong direction, not fast enough, and not accurate enough. Then while new technologies and new sciences are constantly being born and upgraded, we can’t help but ask, What is the marketing idea that fits the 4.0 era?
Marketing thought evolution
At the World Marketing Summit in Tokyo, Dr. Philip Kotler, the father of modern marketing, demonstrated strategic marketing ideas, which have changed dramatically in the past 60 years. At different stages of marketing development, important marketing concepts have also been updated, such as market segmentation, target market selection, positioning, marketing mix 4Ps, service marketing, marketing ROI, customer relationship management, and the hot society in the past two years. Integrated marketing, big data marketing, marketing 3.0, etc.
It can be seen from the evolutionary path of marketing thinking that marketing, with its more and more obvious strategic functions, has gradually become the most important part of the corporate development strategy, that is, market competition strategy!
Marketing thinking that conforms to the trend of the times can help companies establish a continuous customer development model and differentiated competitive advantages to achieve profitability. In the past six decades, the evolution of marketing thinking has also been the process of companies responding to customer value migration. Customers have been used as value capture to complete sales, and become the object of enterprises to increase revenue and profits. They have gradually become the most important corporate assets. They can create value with enterprises, form an interactive brand attitude, and further digitize assets. In this process, companies and consumers become a symbiotic whole.
From marketing 1.0 to marketing 3.0, the corresponding marketing model has experienced the era of mechanical manufacturing, electrification and automation, and the era of electronic information, and has now reached the era of intelligent and customized production. The upgrade of Industry 4.0 will inevitably lead to a change in the competition model, and the change in the competition model will inevitably bring about a change in the marketing era. In the past, the most advanced marketing ideas in the world always came from economists or practical management scholars in developed countries in the United Kingdom and the United States. When the focus of the globalization process gradually tilted toward China, when China’s Internet economy began to be far ahead of the world, we Can’t help asking, will the marketing ideas of the Industry 4.0 era be born in China?